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Winter Home Decor Tips 

Here are 3 Winter Design Trends for 2023 to make your home feel refreshed and ready for the holiday season🎄

  1. Revamp the fireplace - Fireplace redesign is an organic starting point for any upgraded winter interior design effort. Simple decor alterations can affect requisite structure while savvy renovations can imbue the fireplace with engraved sophistication.

  2. Layers, Textures & Textiles - Your home is your warm haven during the long, chill days of winter. Updating the interior décor will instill a sense of refreshing comfort, creating serenity by focusing on the things that bring you joy and satisfaction.

  3. Textured Walls - In general, winter design trends embrace natural textures in most respects, and this includes mural wallpaper and richly painted walls that function to create a real sense of environment. Adding texture requires a studied application of color and layers on walls using materials, such as wallpaper, tile, wood elements, and combinations of hue, to achieve a truly unique look.