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How to Transition from Christmas to Winter Decor

Not sure what to do w/ your home after all the Christmas decor has been packed away ? 
Here are 4 tips to help keep that wintery vibe in your home while transitioning out from the holiday season...

1. Get rid of Christmas Decor & all the Red:
Red screams Christmas, But red and green together is totally Christmas. Obviously, you can't remove big-ticket pieces (like a  red rug) from your space. But Christmas decorations and trinkets in the hue need to go. Retire red décor like pillows and blankets to another room.

2. Create a Wintery Centerpiece for your Table:
Not only will a wintry table centerpiece be beautiful, but it's also an easy way to reuse Christmas greenery and keep clutter off your table in the new year. Crisp clear and white vases and white flowers bring a fresh look to greenery that once had a holiday feel. This centerpiece is totally customizable with the décor you already own. As long as you keep to a neutral and add in white flowers and pops of greenery that are seasonal, you can't go wrong!

3. Garnish with Greenery:
Greenery is one of the best ways to add warmth and color to a neutral wintry home. Plus, you may already have some garland out from your Christmas décor—as long as you take off the plaid ribbon or Christmas adornments from it, you're good to go. It looks elegant on a mantle, as a runner on your dining table, inside of vases—the list is practically endless.

4. Incorporate Baskets:
Baskets are so cozy and when stuffed with blankets and pillows, baskets add a certain warmth to your room that's perfect for the cold wintertime. They also add a great amount of texture. The key to winter decorating is just making everything feel cozy and nice and warm.

Hopefully, these tips for transitioning your Christmas décor to winter décor can help your home have a crisp, fresh start to a new year without losing the joy and warmth of the holiday season.