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March 2024

Know the 5 Factors Impacting your Mortgage Approval!

Posted on Mar 27, 2024

Know the 5 factors Impacting your Mortgage Approval!

1. Income:
Your income is a key determinant of your borrowing capacity. Lenders assess your gross income, which includes your salary, bonuses, and any other consistent sources of income. They want to ensure you have a stable and reliable income stream to cover your mortgage payments along with your...

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Real Estate Market Update for February 2024

Posted on Mar 01, 2024 in Market Trends

February’s Real Estate Market Update for 2024

The latest numbers for Metro Vancouver are in and despite the much needed increase in new listings across all 3 property types (detached, townhomes, condos) the standing inventory levels were not high enough relative to the pace of sales to mitigate price acceleration in February, with most segments of t...

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